Case Study

Securing Access to Online Eye Care

We fought to make eye care more accessible and affordable.


Going online for eye prescriptions and contact orders can save customers time and money. However, brick-and-mortar optometrists have fought to restrict and even prohibit online access to eye care to protect their businesses—and in some states, they succeeded. We had the opportunity to open up this market in several states including Indiana, Washington, and Virginia.

Our Role

We worked in half a dozen states, identifying and calling residents who were likely to get behind a pro-digital cause and building grassroots momentum with messages of market freedom and accessibility for customers. We connected thousands of constituents to their legislators to ask them to secure the right to online eye care: “Do you think Indiana residents should have the right to take eye exams and buy contact lenses over the internet?”


Lawmakers heard the message loud and clear and expanded the eye care market online.

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