Case Study

Putting Voters in Charge of Michigan’s Democracy

We worked with Voters Not Politicians to persuade and mobilize voters in support of fair and transparent redistricting reform.


Voters Not Politicians was founded to shift power away from lobbyists and special interests to citizens. The goal was to create a fair, impartial, and transparent redistricting process. Rather than attempt to pass redistricting through the Legislature, VNP chose to place a referendum on the ballot and allow the people of Michigan to decide. “Vote Yes” referenda are hard to pass, and VNP faced a well-funded opposition.

Our Role

In the weeks prior to the election, Winning Connections targeted absentee voters and wrote conversational scripts encouraging them to return their ballots as soon as possible. Later in the campaign, we hosted a telephone town hall—essentially a large conference call—that allowed VNP campaign leadership to connect with supporters and plan the final volunteer push before the election.


Proposal 2 passed overwhelmingly with 61% of the vote. District maps will now be drawn fairly by an impartial commission with complete transparency.

  • Ballot Chase Calls
  • Persuasion ID Calls
  • Telephone Townhall