Case Study

Nevadans for Affordable Clean Energy Choices

In 2016, Nevadans for Affordable Clean Energy Choices (NACEC) and Winning Connections worked to pass Ballot Question 3, which would open Nevada’s energy markets and lower overall energy costs.


In 2016, Nevadans for Affordable Clean Energy Choices worked to pass a ballot initiative that would help energy consumers and spur growth in Nevada’s clean energy sector. An unprecedented level of money poured into races in Nevada, so creating messaging that broke through election noise was critical.

Our Role

Winning Connections and NACEC collaborated on a high-volume call program to inform, persuade, and mobilize Nevadans. We had over 400,000 personalized conversations with registered voters, tailoring the script to deliver a message that resonated with each specific person.


The campaign to pass Question 3 in Nevada saw a decisive victory, winning by 45%. However, Nevada law required that the initiative pass two elections in a row, and it was on the ballot again in 2018. The subsequent measure failed.

  • Persuasion Calls
  • GOTV Calls