Case Study

Electing Arizona’s First Female Senator

We worked with the Arizona Democratic Party and Kyrsten Sinema for Arizona to mobilize voters over cell to make a plan for getting to the polls.


The Sinema campaign and Arizona Democratic Party faced a well-funded and skilled opponent in a red state where off-year turnout among Democrats is normally low. To win, it was essential that Sinema and the party mobilize their base, particularly Latinos.

Our Role

Our program targeted hundreds of thousands of infrequent voters, facilitating over 600,000 conversations with Arizonans over the phone. Each message contained language based on social science research geared at changing behavior—in this case, voting early. Our live callers delivered messages in Spanish and English.


We helped increase turnout among younger voters and Latino voters, and Kyrsten Sinema pulled out a tight victory and made history as the nation’s first openly bisexual senator and Arizona’s first female senator. We facilitated conversations with a group of voters over ten times larger than the margin of victory, which was 55,900 voters out of nearly 2.4 million votes cast, or 2.4%.

  • Large Scale Cell Phone Voter Contact
  • Organizational Leadership planning and analysis
  • Planmaking GOTV and Voter MobilizationOrganization Building