Case Study

Illinois Reproductive Health Act

“Passing the Illinois Reproductive Health Act was a heavy lift. Winning Connections did an amazing job tailoring their program to our specific needs, including extra training for callers, and was able to pivot to meet our needs on a daily basis. Winning Connections was critical in mobilizing the grassroots momentum necessary to pass the Illinois Reproductive Health Act.”

Ben Head, Men4Choice


With women’s right to choose under attack across the country, Illinois legislators drafted the Reproductive Health Act—a bold bill that would protect the fundamental right to an abortion and improve access to this important healthcare. Although introduced early in the session, the bill was stalled in committee for months with no sign of movement. Men4Choice Advocacy developed a list of 40 Illinois lawmakers who were undecided on whether to support this bill.

Our Role

Winning Connections developed a list of pro-choice voters who would be likely to encourage their representative to pass this bill. We called them and identified supporters who agreed, “Illinois should act to protect the ability of a woman and her doctor to make health care decisions, without political influence.” We connected thousands of them to their lawmakers’ offices to demand action on the Reproductive Health Act.


Illinois passed the Reproductive Health Act—one of the most progressive reproductive health bills in the country. Thirty-five of the lawmakers we targeted decided to support the bill, leading to the bill passing by a 60-45 margin! Illinois blazed the trail for how to defend reproductive freedom and stand up for the right to choose.

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