Case Study

Defending Medicare Advantage

We protected important healthcare funding for older people.


Medicare Advantage, a program that supports millions of senior citizens, was at serious risk of losing funding. With seniors facing premium hikes and threats to coverage, the Better Medicare Alliance sought a partnership with Winning Connections to convince Congress to defend and improve Medicare Advantage.

Our Role

We called thousands of senior citizens and asked them to call Congress in support of high-quality, affordable healthcare: “This bill, which is part of the stopgap measure, would strengthen Medicare Advantage and ensure better and more affordable care for seniors.” We had a short timetable and needed to make a big impact, so we targeted House and Senate leadership with a high volume of patch-through calls.


We showed Congress that their older constituents wanted them to protect this funding, and they passed budgets which reflected the importance and value of Medicare Advantage.

  • Patch-Through Calls