Case Study

Climate Change

Long-form, live calls kept voters engaged in a dynamic conversation, allowed their responses to shape the course of the discussion, and significantly boosted message retention.


Next Gen’s Climate Action Committee aimed to make climate change a decisive part of the political conversation in Virginia and to motivate voters to elect Democrat Terry McAuliffe. This was an ambitious goal given that Virginia had not elected a governor who was of the same party as the president in 36 years.

Our Role

Winning Connections reached hundreds of thousands of voters with a one-two punch strategy—first, to educate voters of the consequences of climate change and then to vote for Terry McAuliffe. Our mini-survey calls quizzed voters about environmental threats to Virginia and emphasized the consequences of climate change.


These persuasive survey calls kept voters engaged in a conversation that made it more likely that the information would sink in and stick.

Next Gen received credit for helping McAuliffe win in Virginia by 2.5% and for bringing climate change to the forefront of the debate.

  • Program Development
  • Election Calls
  • Issue Advocacy Calls
  • Digital Outreach