Case Study

Advancing Medicaid Expansion in Montana

Winning Connections helped constituents to clearly express their support for Medicaid Expansion and apply constant pressure throughout the process.


Expanding Medicaid in red states is a near-impossible feat, but rural states like Montana need healthcare assistance the most. After the passage of the Affordable Care Act, we needed to convince conservative legislators to do what was right for their constituents and pass Medicaid expansion.

Our Role

Winning Connections worked for nearly two months to help achieve healthcare coverage for low-income Montanans. Working with a coalition including Montana Women Vote and Forward Together, we connected citizens to “on-the-fence” lawmakers. Winning Connections applied pressure by enabling constituents to urge their legislators to support this bill.


An unlikely outcome became a reality: The Legislature voted to expand Medicaid. Passing this bill ensures that senior citizens, veterans, and other vulnerable Montanans have access to care.

  • Program Development
  • Patch-Through Calls
  • Issue Advocacy Calls