Case Study

Access to Over-the-Counter Drugs

“Winning Connections brought us the experience and expertise we needed to capture the voice of consumers, which made the critical difference in persuading legislators to change course on an important issue to our member companies.”

—Andrew C. Fish, Senior Vice President, Legal & Government Affairs


A bill requiring prescriptions for allergy and cold medicines that contain pseudoephedrine was quietly making its way through the West Virginia State Legislature. This bill would have made needed medicines much harder to get for patients, forcing West Virginians to visit their doctor every time they needed relief from a cold or allergies.

Our Role

Winning Connections worked with the Consumer Healthcare Products Association to mobilize voters to oppose the bill. We created a targeted list of voters and developed a message to recruit constituents to make calls to their State Senators and Delegates in opposition to the bill.


Our patch-through calls—where we connect supportive voters over the phone to their representatives—from constituents helped stop the prescription bill from passing in the State Senate. A local newspaper reported that “[s]enators who opposed the bill say they’ve heard from hundreds of constituents who are concerned about having to see a doctor to get cold medicine, which is now available over the counter.” Senator David Nohe added that residents in his area let him “know without a doubt” they opposed the plan.

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  • Election Calls
  • Issue Advocacy Calls
  • Digital Outreach